Circle Lenses

5:44 PM

geo sakura brown lenses

Hey loves! I hope you're having a lovely day. Today I felt like sharing a couple of things eyes! Now that's a sentence I never thought I'd say haha For the past year I've been wearing circle lenses because I love the doll-like look. Plus they're prescription lenses so I kinda need them to be able to see.

I used to wear pink circle lenses but I wanted to achieve a more natural look, so this time I went for the Geo Sakura Brown contacts, and oh boy do I love them (spoiler: yes, I do)! They make your eyes pop, but they look so natural since the colour is not all over the contacts but only on the outer part, click here to see what I mean. So the middle part of your eye doesn't change at all -usually that's what makes a pair of lenses appear unatural, when the whole contacts are coloured.

The Geo Sakura lenses feel very comfortable and they don't dry out my eyes even when I'm wearing them for hours and hours. People who don't know what circle lenses are, think that they feel different on the eye in comparison to normal prescription lenses, and that's totally wrong. They have absolutely no difference, they feel the same, they're comfy and they make you look like a doll. Which is a huge (and cute) plus!

Geo is a safe Korean brand and I've purchased from them before. This time they sent me the contacts, and I would truly recommend them to you as well. All products are genuine and approved by the USFDA so there's no need to worry. I wouldn't recommend you something that you'd literally put on your eye if it wasn't safe af. So there you go! Now you know why my eyes are so big and shiny :)

venetia kamara matia

geo sakura brown lenses

geo sakura brown

geo sakura lenses


12:37 AM
βενετια καμαρα

Hi loves! If you're following me on Instagram then you've probably seen this outfit. I actually wore this look at the Greek NYX Face Awards (spoiler: I won, yay!) but I think there are so many way to style a see-through dress like that.

I could totally imagine wearing the dress over a pair of light wash skinny jeans, and on top I'd wear a chunky cropped grey turtleneck jumper. I'd finish the look with a leather jacket, and boom! You got yourself a very interesting winter outfit coming from a summer dress.

Well, I should probably shoot this look because I kinda like how it sounds haha
Lots of love babes!

The whole outfit is from Forever21

pink dress outfit

I met Kat Von D in Poland

12:48 AM

Hi loves! As I've been focusing on my YouTube channel, you guys have missed way too many things. One of them is my trip to Poland for Kat Von D's launch with Sephora! 

I had never been to Poland before and it was interesting to see the differences between our cultures. Everyone was so polite, quiet and civil -not to mention they are incredible drivers. In Greece -well- it's exactly the opposite! 

We stayed there for two days and the second one was the launch so we spent our entire day at the Palace in Warsaw. Sephora did such an amazing job in decorating the place, I fell in love with the black and red roses. 

As I've been admiring Kat Von D ever since I saw her tattoo series, it was a dream come true meeting her and be sent in order to cover the event for my YouTube channel.