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Came from the 80's

bomber jacket tumblr

Hi loves! I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately, but it's been a chaos. I'm having a hard time trying to keep up with everything and YouTube is taking a lot of my time. Today's look is kind of inspired by the 80's, you know because of the bomber jacket and the super high waisted mom jeans.

Way too many fashion editors out there are going to tell you that wearing pink with red is a huge no-no, but I've always thought this combination is very interesting. So I styled this salmon pink quilted bomber jacket from SheIn that looks incredible, with a red bandana and of course my red lipstick (it's the Kylie Jenner Mary Jo K if you're wondering).

This bomber jacket stole my heart not only because of it's color but also, because it's quality is insane! It's very warm, and the fabric feels so soft! The satin lining underneath makes it look so glamorous, I love it! Extra love because the package from SheIn arrived within a week, and it usually takes 3-4 weeks, so yay!

Quilted Pink Bomber Jacket SheIn | Bandana Rosewholesale | T-Shirt CNdirect | Jeans Zara

pink outfit tumblr

pink bomber jacket outfit

venetia kamara greek blogger

bomber jacket tumblr


babe jumper outfit

Hey loves! I've been so into jumpers and sweatershirts lately, mostly because they're comfy and they add an urban vibe to an outfit. This "babe" sweatshirt is so cool, and the quality is amazing. I got in from SheIn and I'm so in love with it because there are so many different ways you can style this. 

Urban chic is definitely one of my favorites styles, so I wore my striped pants to create the illusion that I put some effort on this look -even though I didn't- and in order to add some color I chose my lilac trench coat.

Babe Black Sweatshirt SheIn | Lilac Trench Coat SheIn | Sneakers Bershka | Pants Zaful

tumblr girls 2017

babe sweatshirt outfit

tumblr girls 2017

minimal street style 2017

venetia kamara

greek fashion bloggers

street fashion pinterest 2017

babe sweater outfit

striped pants street style


parisian chic street style

Hi loves! I'm really digging this outfit it's so cute and cozy at the same time! As soon as I received this knitted crop sweater I fell in love with it. I've always had a thing for oversized clothes, and this is just way too perfect to describe.

I prefer to style pastel colors with white rather than black or dark colors. So I matched the skirt to the knitted crop sweater and some white sneakers. To add even more cuteness to the look, I wore my cupcake chain bag, because why not? Last but not least, the most adorable earrings ever, 'cause I adore anything fluffy. 

Knitted Cropped Sweater SheIn | Skirt & Bag Gamiss

pink skirt outfit street style 2017

girly street style 2017

venetia kamara

cupcake bag outfit

ελληνιδες bloggers

pink skirt street style

fashion week street style 2017


denim jumpsuit outfits

Hey loves! I've never owned a pair of denim overalls before, and now that I've tried them on I keep wondering why. They're so cool! I love the vintage vibe of this style, and it's also so comfortable! Mine is from Shein, and I couldn't recommend it more, it's amazing!

I love the quality of it, the fit, the style, everything! I think this kind of outfits look even better when they're simple and minimal, so I just styled it with a white top and sneakers. On top of it I wore my pastel blue leather jacket from Zara.

venetia kamara greek fashion blogger

denim overalls tumblr

denim overalls pinterest

denim overalls pinterest

minimal fashion bloggers

minimal street style 2017

Cutest Ruffle Tops

Hello loves! I know almost every girl has fallen in love with the ruffle trends that's been going on for a while, so I found for you the cutest ruffle shirts from SheIn. I seriously need all of them in my life, I mean look how gorgeous they are!

affordable ruffle shirt

cheap ruffle blouses

cheap off shoulder tops

afforable ruffle tops

cheap ruffle tops

cheap pleated skirt

cheap ruffle pullover

Girl Power in Black

tumblr girl grunge

Hi loves! Today I don't feel like talking about the outfit, there's not much need to be said anyway. But I'd like to give you a little bit of motivation, because I know blogging can be quite tough sometimes.

I know the struggles, and you know them too. Being constantly in front of your computer, taking pictures -even by yourself because you don't have a fancy photographer 24/7 with you- editing the pictures, promoting your blog, having to deal with tons of emails every day. Keeping up with every single social media platform: blog, facebook page, instagram, lookbook, twitter, oh man it's overwhelming. Don't get me started if you have a YouTube channel too, that's just too much.

And when someone, that has no idea what it's like to be a blogger, says "oh that sounds easy" you just wanna scream because it's not. Because you're working more than 8 hours a day to deal with everything and get shit done, and you don't even know if this is gonna succeed -like the popular blogs we've been reading back in the day when blogging was just a dream. And now it's a reality. It didn't happen though, you made it happen! And I'm here to tell you that I feel you! 

I know how hard it is to not having free time to watch a movie, or meet up with your friends. And I'm also here to remind you that it's worth it. You've created something from scratch, don't even think about giving up. Work hard, because success won't happen on it's own. You have to make it happen, and you're half way there. So, just keep it up, step up your game, work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. But stay humble, remember where you came from and definitely remember why you started. I love you my fellow bloggers, I feel you and I will always support the crap out of your success. #GirlPower 

ελληνιδες fashion bloggers

ελληνιδες fashion bloggers 2017

The Coolest Graphic Sweatshirts

Hi loves! Even though I was never a fan of sweatshirts, lately I've been really into them. Especially because they feel so cozy and their graphics are dope! I found some of my favorite graphic sweatshirts on SheIn, and I thought you might like them as well. Let me know which one you'd love to have -my personal fav is the "Babe" one

cheap graphic sweatshirts

yeezy for president sweatshirt

princess jumper cheap

faux fur sweatshirt

oh ok jumper sweatshirt cheap

cheap graphic sweatshirts 2017

Best Dressed

Hi loves! I've been into cute outfits lately, with some grunge-ish vibes going on. I think that these kind of outfits make you look like a badass in a girly way -you know what I mean? 

The coziest coat ever is a lovely touch to the look, because it's fluffy and warm and it adds a statement. Little details like a choker and fluffy earrings are always welcome, because that's what personalizes your outfit the most.