I met Kat Von D in Poland

Hi loves! As I've been focusing on my YouTube channel, you guys have missed way too many things. One of them is my trip to Poland for Kat Von D's launch with Sephora! 

I had never been to Poland before and it was interesting to see the differences between our cultures. Everyone was so polite, quiet and civil -not to mention they are incredible drivers. In Greece -well- it's exactly the opposite! 

We stayed there for two days and the second one was the launch so we spent our entire day at the Palace in Warsaw. Sephora did such an amazing job in decorating the place, I fell in love with the black and red roses. 

As I've been admiring Kat Von D ever since I saw her tattoo series, it was a dream come true meeting her and be sent in order to cover the event for my YouTube channel. 

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