Hey loves! If you browse through Instagram for hours, every night when you are "going to sleep", then you've seen all those fantastic accounts with decorations inspo. Those accounts were the reason that I changed my whole room from total red, to black and white. Ugh, it looks so pretty I wanna cry! 

It's not hard to tranform your room into fashionable and chic like the ones you admire on Instagram. You don't even have to buy new furniture, or spend a little fortune. All you need is imagination. Turn your old desk into new, by simply applying stickers on it (click here). Cut in the middle some pillows that you don't need and dress them with fabric of your choice. Find some quotes that inspire you, buy a few frames and boom -your room will look drop dead gorgeous! If you wanna invest on something, then buy a chandelier, this one is amazing! Buy a black, white or gold spray, and paint all these little things in your room, like vases, jewelery/pencil cases, lamps.

Easy solution: If you wanna check how the frames are going to look, simply do the follow trick. Print the quotes (or any photo that you like) and use electric tape to stick them on the wall. The black color of the tape looks like frames. You can also create different shapes like I did here. Pretty cool huh?

frames fashion decor

white fashion office decor

white fashion decor

white fashion decor

fashion office decor

fashion desk office decor

white fashion decoration

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  1. Awesome decor! So chic


  2. i like it!!!

  3. I love the "more issues than vogue"

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

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