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With the over-prevalence of photo manipulation, especially in fashion photography, shutterbugs are again returning to black and white photography to capture the essence of fashion. From 1920's era flappers to bearded motorcycle riding men, an increasing number of editors and photographers are choosing to work with black and white photography to showcase high fashion designs and dramatic model moments. As Jackson said: "But if you're thinking 'bout my baby it don't matter if you're black or white."


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The famous blonde has officially joined Instagram (via her makers, Mattel), and labels haven't taken long in making sure she's seen in their products. "Thrilled to be heading to New York, London, Milan and Paris this September for all four fashion weeks!" her latest post states. "Starting to prep my travel essentials." Look out front-row beauties, the ultimate blonde is coming.


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How many times you've been searching on the internet about parisian chic style? A lot, I feel you! It's just something about Paris, that makes you wanna dress up like the most glamorous fashion icon. But, why just in Paris? Why not, in your daily routine? Style should be continuous everywhere you go, not provisional. So, take some ideas from these beautiful ladies and embed them to your sense of style.


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As well as the box-cut bouclé jackets, Breton T-shirts, pyjama styles, camellia brooches and Chanel No.5, Gabrielle Chanel left the world with a legacy of wise and witty quotes. As where to wear your perfume and the difficulties of wearing a LBD, Mademoiselle Chanel imparted her thoughts on fashion versus style, work, men and destiny. Here I have collected a selection of my favourite quotes from fashion's Grand Dame. Enjoy!


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Some people say "Tattoos are the new trend" or "They may be fashionable now, but not in a few years". Ugh, they know nothing (Jon Snow)! It's not about the trend. However, sometimes it's all about fashion. If you 're obsessed with tattoos like I do, and you adore fashion as well, then you should totally get some inspiration from the following designs. Start saving money, because you'll fall in love with them!

Do it like Rihanna

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dress like rihanna

She may be the "Princess of Pop" but she holds the "Queen of Style" title for years. Let's ignore for a while her unspeakable beauty -even though it's hard. Rihanna rocks every single outfit. From couture to swag -and there's a long way between those two- Riri looks amazing in everything that she wears.


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I woke up today and I received a message from StyleChat Blog saying I was tagged in their latest blog post to be a part of the Liebster Award! Well, thank you very much!


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The most fanatic fashionista, every girl's icon. Barbie has captured the imaginations of generations of little girls, but now the doll's creator, Mattel Inc, is hoping that she will inspire a whole new age group with its trilogy of ready-to-wear collaborations.


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ripped jeans street style

Icon of the month: Carli Bybel

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While most of us have that one friend who always knows which concealer to use or how to actually do a fishtail braid at home, many of us are left in the dark when it comes to the beauty aisle. So, what’s an under-informed girl to do besides call up the local makeup company consultant? Easy: Find your favourite beauty blogger!

Make Up Inspo

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It's always inspiring to take a look into the most chic yet wearable styles. Couture clothes, models, celebrities are often a bit outrageous when it comes to fashion, and even a fashionista is kinda difficult to wear what they suggest. But you can always be the glamorous girl you dream about. You just have to challenge yourself. As I say "Life is too short, to wear boring clothes", and that's what these pretty ladies confirm to us! Let the fashion begin!