The art of layering

layer outfit ideas
Hi loves! It's cold but we 'll be freezing in style -at least that's what Train said. But why freezing when you can look drop dead gorgeous by layering a couple of clothes? Winter is the best season to get a little creative and combine different colors and textures together by layering them. 
What you need in order to achieve the perfect layering, is a minimalist base. Start off by wearing something simple and warm, like leather trousers and an oversized gray knitted sweater. That way you 'll be able to wear a statement coat in an interesting cut or pattern, which is the key to these sort of outfits.

Below, I gathered some fashion trench coats, that could be styled with the minimalist outfit in the first picture -despite the fact that they look so different. With the first two trench coats, you could add an open white shirt underneath and a gray knitted scarf. With the last two trench coats, that are patterned, you could add a thin leather jacket underneath, and leather accessories like gloves and bag. Click on the images, to see the pieces on the website.

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  1. Fantastic coats:)
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  2. Very very sweet! These coats are so lovely)

  3. Wow awesome pictures:)Have a good day:)