Hey you! Chunky boots are perfect for this time of the year, because it's cold enough to wear them but it's not rainning a lot, so you won't be worried about slipping and falling because of the rain -never happened to me (yet). I found four gorgeous, chunky shoes for you from that are going to take your tumblr pics to another level.

Omgnb is an online store where you can find literally anything you want -from hair extensions, to bags and shoes. Their main purpose is to provide to the customers good quality products in the lowest possible price. 

The chunky shoes that I found would fit perfectly any style, just to add a few grunge vibes to it. I personally love anything that has to do with rock n' roll, so when it comes to chunky shoes I'm all in.

I'd wear them not only with total black outfits, but with girly or feminine looks too, just to spice up the outfit. A grey turtleneck pullover with a pleated skirt and chunky shoes, would be such an amazing look -at least for my taste.

1) Find it HERE

2) Find it HERE

3) Find it HERE
Find it HERE

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  1. Love these shoes, they're a real statement but so cool
    Especially with an all black outfit
    I love grunge style

    Happy weekend for you
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    Kisses, Isabelle

  2. Love the black boots

    Emma ♥

  3. The shoes in the first picture?

    1. I think they are windsor smith boots but I can't find that exact style on the store online