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ellen 3color gray

Hi guys! As a huge fan of contact lenses, I felt like I should talk to you about my new pair of contacts from Klenspop, a leading company of circle and cosmetic lenses in Korea. I wanted to try out something different than my pink lenses -that I will always adore- and Klenspop was kind enough to let me try out their products.

My Ellen 3Color Gray contacts arrived in about two weeks, which is pretty fast if you consider how big the distance from Korea to Greece is. The box was wrapped in bubble wrap so that the lenses will be safe and they came in two little bottles that kept them fresh. You also get a cute case for your lenses and a mini plastic twizzers.

As I've been wearing circle lenses with 15mm diameter, it was kind of hard for me to get used to them, since the Ellen 3Color Gray lenses are 14mm diameter. But it also means that the result that you get is way more natural. The color is vivid enough to make a great difference on my natural dark brown eyes, so if your eyes are lighter the difference will be even more noticable.

They are very comfortable and I was impressed that they didn't dry out my eyes at all! Their water content is 38% which is great for your eyes. And since they are so affordable, you can play around with different colors to experiment with your makeup looks, it's really fun! Overall, I would highly recommend Klenspop for great quality eye contacts.

klenspop contacts review

ellen 3color gray lenses

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ellen 3color gray lenses

ellen 3 color gray

ellen 3color gray

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  1. These lenses look so pretty on you! Love your hair :)

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  2. Soo pretty. And your hair is amazing!

  3. Thanks for sharing! So adorable and sweet)

  4. Loving your blue lips

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  5. Nice post

    Love Vikee