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Hey loves! I know this outfit doesn't look like me, but it definitely feels like me. I got the cutest skirt ever -addiction alert- and I thought "Okay, it's time to let your readers see your soul". 'Cuz that's what my soul looks like: Pink and blue, and fun and cute.

This adorable skirt is from Gamiss, an online store with such interesting and unique clothing -you' ll see more outfits featuring them soon. I love the quality of it, the fit is perfect and there's even lining underneath which is always a big plus! I was also surprise when the package arrived within only a week. Check them out on Facebook, and you can also get coupons here.

I wanted to play with fun color palettes, so I styled it with a simple pastel blue T-shirt -due to the blue details on the skirt. The skirt is already printed, so wearing a top with a print would make the outfit kind of chaotic. I went for beige nude tones for the accessories, so as it wouldn't look too intense. To make it even more cute I added a pastel pink necklace that matches the skirt, and of course hair buns because- I like big buns and I cannot lie!

Γεια σας! Το ξέρω ότι δεν σας έχω συνηθίσει σε τόσο girly outfits, αλλά είναι τόσο "εγώ" αυτό το look. Ήθελα να φορέσω κάτι που να αντανακλά απόλυτα τον χαρακτήρα μου και κατέληξα στο: ροζ, μπλε, χαρούμενο και cute!

Όλα ξεκίνησαν όταν πρωτοείδα αυτή τη φούστα -έρωτας από την πρώτη ματιά, καταλαβαίνεις. Τα μάτια μου έβγαλαν καρδούλες, όπως κάνουν τα anime. Στην ουσία εκείνη με καθοδήγησε για το πώς να την συνδυάσω: έχει παστέλ μπλε λεπτομέρειες, οπότε ήξερα από την αρχή τι top θα της ταίριαζε περισσότερο. Βέβαια, επειδή η φούστα έχει ήδη print πάνω, δεν θα συνιστούσα ένα T-shirt με print γιατί θα γινόταν χαοτικό. 

Τα μπεζ αξεσουάρ ηρέμησαν χρωματικά την παλέτα του outfit. Για να σπάσω το μπλε από το T-shirt πρόσθεσα ένα κολιέ σε ίδια απόχρωση με τη φούστα και για να ολοκληρώσω το look, αφού ήθελα κάτι fun και girly, έκανα δύο κοτσιδάκια... and voila!

pink skirt outfit ideas

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pink blue outfit ideas

girly outfits pinterest

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greek fashion blogger venetia kamara

Skirt Gamiss | Top Zara | Heels Stradivarius | Clutch Bag Accessorize | Necklace Tally Weijl

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  1. I like your hairs :) pretty looks :) I waiting in my new post..

  2. This outfit is just perfect! I like it.:)

  3. Ohh soo cute gorgeous!!
    Check my new post*
    xx, A Be-atriz

  4. These colors, these photos, just everything! I am so in love with this look and the way you put baby blue and blush pinks together. I think it is so cute for summer! The blue tee definitely brought out the blue from your cool skirt and I like that you accessorized with a pink necklace. You look amazing!

  5. wow perfect outfit, the colors are amazing:)

  6. It's absolutely the cutest skirt ever

    xoxo, ♥

  7. Thanks for inspiring post) I want to try such hairstyle too!

  8. Awesome are looking soo cute:)To find more details Click here