maybelline colossat cat eyes review

Hey loves! I always thought that a few coats of mascara and a nice lipstick is a full makeup. We all have heard lots of promises for long eye lashes, but at the end we're disappointed. The Maybelline Cat eyes mascara is said to boost your lashes eight times longer. And guess what? It's true!

What makes this Maybelline Colossal different from all the others is the wand. Its a lot thinner and you don't get as much mascara on the wand as you tend to do with the others. That's what makes the lashes spread out, and they don't stick together.

I like to apply several coats when it comes to mascara and with this, even after several coats it still didn't leave my lashes clumpy -only long and voluminous, which is amazing! It lengthened them perfectly and evenly and it's really easy to remove as well. So if you're wondering how to get long eye lashes, here's the way! I think its the perfect daily wearing mascara! What's your favourite one?

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  1. I love that brand of mascara

    xoxo, ♥

  2. i have to buy a new mascara i think i will try with this one.

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  3. Great review

    Love Vikee