Hi there, happy Friday! I've been thinking that a great way to get to know someone a little bit more, is the "50 facts about me" tag. I love watching those videos on Youtube! And my friend George told me that I don't talk about me a lot on my posts, so why not?

1. I am turning 21 this January. My mom says I am turning 22. I don't guys, I'm confused.
2. I am studying journalism at the Panteion University.
3. I love spring.
4. I can't stand it when it's rainning and I have to go somewhere- ugh!
5. I think I may be addicted to caffeine -is that possible?
6. I have an older sister -she's 23 and really pretty.
7. My favourite food is spaghetti. Yum!
8. My room is aaaall red (but I wanna paint it white---> Update: I did paint it white lol)
9. I am in love with Salvador Dali.
10. I have 4 tattoos (one dedicated to Dali, yeap it's real platonic love).
11. The best moment of my life was this summer, at the ArtRave Tour. Yes, I'm a Little Monster!
12. I have seen "Friends" more than 20 times, and I still laugh at every joke.
13. My favourite movie is "Fight Club".
14. But actual favourite movie is "The Lord of the Rings".
15. I think Red Hot Chili Peppers are sooo awesome.
16. I used to have silver hair for 4 years.
17. That's why I am wearing extensions -my poor hair. (Update: Not anymore, yaas)
18. I really enjoy sketching.
19. I used to say that I wanna be a fashion designer.
20. I secretly still wanna be a fashion designer, but journalism is a more realistic goal.
21. Blair Waldorf was my favourite "Gossip girl".
22. I don't believe in love. 
23. I've never been abroad.
24. The first time I got on a plane was this summer. 
25. I am eating white chocolate at the moment.
26. When I was a kid, I was frightened of flies. I've been screaming like cray-cray.
27. Well, now I am frightened of all insects. And I still scream.
28. One day, when I was little, a cat jumped on my head to play with my ponytail. Like, whaaat?
29. We used to have so many pets. Chickens, ducks, dogs, birds, fish.
30. I wanna eat the whole cotton candy of the entire world. I 'll probably die after that.
31. I prefer chips than chocolate.
32. I am 92lb (am I saying right?).
33. I think that the most beautiful woman is Rihanna. The sexiest is Dita Von Teese.
34. I believe that unicorns used to exist. They simply weren't so beautiful.
35. I love the smell of fresh paint.
36. I wanna hug Anna Wintour. Of course I'll be thrown into jail after that.
37. I hate it when I can't sleep, even though I am tired. That happens every-single-night.
38. I am capable to do lots of designs on my nails. Boo-yay!
39. My favourite colour is electric blue, and I hate orange and green.
40. When I was in high school, I used to wear coloured eye contacts. (Update: I'm wearing pink atm)
41. I can't stand the taste of meat. Any kind. 
42. But I am not vegeterian.
43. When I am listening to music, I imagine a choreography or a video clip that suits to the mood.
44. I am very good at hairstyling.
45. I am really afraid of knives.
46. I wanna date Ben Dahlhaus. I mean, who doesn't?
47. When I get nervous, I bite my lips.
48. I hate so badly "The Notebook". 
49. There's this friend of mine, Angie. We say the same things, at the same time. I deeply believe we are sisters or something. It's creepy and awesome.
50. I just finished my chocolate.

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  1. I love sketching too.

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  2. love the small details about you, very cute
    you are very beautiful, and your blog is really awesome
    looking forward to see more :)

    - http://angelaah91.blogspot.nl/

  3. I am also in love with Salvador Dali and made some posts about him!
    You have a very nice blog Venetia and I will be happy if we follow each other, just let me know in my blog and I follow back! Have a nice day


  4. Lovely post I like it :)


  5. i love posts like this! :)


  6. I'm following you on GFC :) Follow back ?
    You have so lovely blog ! ♥ ♥ ♥
    kisses from Poland,
    Oliwia ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Liked to know these facts about you


  8. Fabulous post

    Love Vikee

  9. We have the same manner of liking on a peculiar things.. You like the smell of the paint, and I love the smell of the newly ignite matches.. <3

    Cassie Thriftier

  10. Very interesting post!