lady gaga athens 2014

We 've been waiting for this moment for years, and finally it's was about to become true. Lady Gaga yesterday performed for her greek little monsters, and oh-man it was spectacular! Monsters went crazy when she stepped on stage, and that delirious mood continued for the rest of the show. With 21 songs and 7 stunning outfits, you know it was the show of the decade.

lady gaga athens 2014 live

lady gaga athens live

She was changing her outfits and her wigs in just seconds! She even spoke in greek sending kisses (filaki in greek) and love (agapi) to her fans. Gaga told us about her stay in Hotel Grande Bretagne and the food she tasted, about the greek restaurants she have been working at, about her ex boyfriend who was Greek and wrote her a note when they broke up saying "Never stop, reach the stars". And so she did. 
lady gaga athens 2014 live

lady gaga athens live 2014

lady gaga athens live

Among all the hits she sang, all the dancing and the show, one of the most astonishing moments was the one at the piano. She totally took our breath away with her talent and her voice singing You and I and Born this Way. Her amazing speech about equality for everyone, no matter gay,straight or bi made all of us so emotional. But she really gave us chills when she read a letter that a fan threw on stage, talking about how much she helped him with her songs, that she made him get through his bullying problems and felt re-birth. She was so touched that she found him through the crowd and told him to meet her backstage at the end of the show. After that, the party continued with Sex Dreams and Gaga changed her outfit in front of her fans!

lady gaga live 2015

lady gga live 2014

Looking like -well I'm not sure so I'll just say gorgeous- she performed Bad Romance and the crowd went craaazy! She closed the show with Gypsy on piano, wearing my favourite white long wig. Being on stage at least two hours, she did her best trying to please her fans and confirm to everyone just one thing: She is the Queen of Pop, now and forever! 

lady gaga live athens 2014

lady gaga live athens


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