Nicole x Missguided

Sweet mother of Vogue, now that's a collab! Nicole Scherzinger has teamed up with a Greater Manchester fashion firm to create a new collection. Trafford Park retailer Missguided, founded by entrepreneur Nitin Passi, is set to celebrate its fifth birthday.

The 40 piece compilation has been designed with the stunning X Factor judge and you can get a flavour for what the designs will look like right here. Nitin said: "Nicole was wearing our clothes even prior to meeting her. Every time she wore a Missguided dress, it sold out. Nicole loved Missguided, and really wanted to work with us."

"We started designing the collection last year and we went out to see her in LA and now we’re releasing the collection worldwide. We’re doing a massive campaign around it in the UK, Australia and Europe, it’s the biggest we have done so far for us. Nicole is an ideal match for Missguided, the collection is very Missguided and it’s very Nicole."

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