JIMMY Q: The famous badass model

jimmy q

He certainly managed to create a possitive impression to everyonce, from his first appearance into the fashion industry. Was it because of his face? Because of his body? Nope. Not at all. His outrageous style and mainly his tattoos got noticed by the agencies, and made him successful throughout all the designers. Cause with his attitude and their clothes there's only one direction, the one to the top. 

Jimmy is essentially what the fashion industry is going crazy for in terms of male models. Tattoos, beards, rugged, sexy cool attitude is what is ‘in Vogue’ and it shows a more real side of masculinity. This is a wonderful alternative to the unrealistic tanned, waxed and preened plastic models we see wandering down the runways.

jimmy q neck tattoo

Jimmy Q has graced the runway for Vivienne Westwood, Diesel, John Richmond, Oliver Spencer, Pringle of Scotland and DKNY among others. In 2012 he was on the cover of Phoenix magazine. He has done plently of editorials: Superheroes United by Elliot Morgan for Flasco magazine, Freshmen Class for Open Lab magazine, Play for Homme Style, In the mix for Sleek magazine, Beauty for Dsection magazine, Flamingos on a Roof for 1883 magazine and All Access for GQ France Editorial.

jimmy q tattoos

Jimmy Q is most certainly one of these gents who carries himself with the bad boy swagger of a sophisticated and ready to rock gentleman. He is a very successful male model and has been making waves in the industry for his alternative style and rock and roll tattooed look. Currently signed with Select models, he’s been the object of discussion of many fashion blogs and websites around the world.

jimmy q body

Take some of Jimmy’s style and work it into your own look, see what it does for your style and your confidence. Be a little daring, wear something edgy, do something different with your hair and embrace your inner bad ass. 
And don’t forget, tattoos are necessary.

jimmy q style

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