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dresslink makeup brushes review

Hey guys! I consider myself to be more like a fashionista rather than a beauty guru, but I felt like writing a review on these Pro makeup brushes, because they are dope! I'm sure you know the struggle, when a makeup brush doesn't feel soft on your face or when it starts shedding from the first use, but that's not the case with these brushes and that's why I'm so impressed by them!

It's a set of 20 pieces from Dresslink, but I ruined one when I was washing it -my mistake haha. What caught my eye was the gorgeous design! The hair of the brushes is black and white, with metallic details and a beautiful matte finish that looks absolutely stunning and so expensive - little hint, they weren't expensive at all, they were under $10!

The shipping was very fast, I think they arrived within two weeks. I washed them all before using them for hygeine reasons, and they handled the soap etc amazingly! No shedding, thank goodness. In this set you can find pieces for your foundation -that I have already tried and works like a charm, for concealer, eyeshadow and lips. I think most of the brushes are for eyeshadow, they come with different sizes, angle, round and straight brushes, the last ones helped me to perfect my eyeliner and eyebrow routine!

Overall, they feel so soft and luxurious, they look amazing and very chic, there is a huge variety for every little detail that you may need for your makeup routine, and there has been no shedding at all! Would I recommend getting these? Hell, yeah!

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