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Hi guys! Today I’d like to introduce you to Styberry, a new website that helps bloggers make a living while doing what they love. It also helps fashion and beauty enthusiasts to discover new blogs, and organize their content in one place!

Styberry is a fun and user-friendly website, with creative content from bloggers all around the world. They focus mostly on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, which –let’s be honest-they’re the most exciting and interesting posts to read. But with the millions of blogs out there, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with every single one of them. 

This is when Styberry comes, to help you follow all bloggers in one place! It’s basically an organization of the blogosphere that you’re interested in. You can read, like and save your favorite posts for later, or shop what your style icons wear. It will save you a huge amount of time, and you will never forget to check out a blogger that you like, since their post is going to be right there, waiting for you to read it. Not to mention, it’s going to be a great place to discover new blogs

But Styberry is more than that! I know, there are so many of you out there, that want so badly to start a blog but simply don’t know how. Well, Styberry will help you set up your blog –which is pretty hard, trust me when I say this- and you’ll only have to deal with the fun part of blogging: creating content! You won’t have to deal with technical stuff, or trying to figure out what platform to use and how to get a free domain name. Styberry offers you a domain name ( and if they notice that you post good content you’re going to get a custom URL ( which looks more professional, plus it’s free! 

If you’re already a blogger, you can use Styberry to promote your existing posts on your blog in more that one platforms, which will bring a lot of traffic back to your personal blog! Here comes another great reason why you should sign up on Styberry. You can monetize your posts to earn commission. This option is only activated on request, so you do have to give your best to the content you create! All you need to do, is go to Settings and then Payment and Monetization. If your request is accepted, you can simply go to your Editor and you’ll see a search bar to add the products you prefer. After that, you will see your statistics from the menu bar. And who knows? Maybe out of a sudden, you’ll become a full time blogger!

Of course you can find me on Styberry, and follow my blog as well. I found it very easy to navigate to the website. You can sign up using your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and start blogging within a few seconds! All you need to do after that, is click on “Write a Post” and… do so! You can upload pictures from your PC or add the URL of the picture you want to use. Follow other bloggers, read their posts and be a part of this community!

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