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Ah, there are a few 70's inspired outfits coming up. Can you blame me? It's way too cute to ignore it, I love this style! In this post I wanted to show you, how you can tranform a plain outfit into stylish with a couple of simple accessories. Because sure, a dress with a shirt is nice, but who wants "nice" when he can have "gorgeous"? Not me.

In the first picture you can see the "before". It's alright, but it feels like you're trying to make a statement but somehow you got distracted and forgot to complete the look. Gaud, I'm talking like it's science -oh, but it is. Okay, it's not.

Look how more put together it looks by simply adding a hat, a belt and a chain handbag. I mean, we all have these things, so why not wearing them? 70's were all about the little details, like matching your hair and makeup to your outfit, wearing a dress in bright colours, mixing different patterns together, wearing gorgeous earrings that match your nail polish. 

Yes, details! That's what makes an outfit go from "meh" to "yaaas". 

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70s outfit ideas

Dress HERE | Shirt HERE 

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