faux fur coat outfit ideas

Hi loves! Ever since I got this dusty pink faux fur coat from SheIn, it's been my wardobe staple. It's cute, it's cozy, it's fluffy, it's adorable, it's not too warm, it's just perfect. It kinda reminds me of Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, and yesterday a gal-friend told me I look like a groupie from the 70's. So yas!

If you've been reading my blog -aaw thank you- then you already know that I'm not a girly girl. But you know, sometimes you just feel like it. It doesn't happen a lot, but when it does I'm going full girly. I'm talking "Britney meets Katy Perry and Barbie" girly level. Okay, I went too far.

If you're wearing a skater -or A-line- skirt, it's really nice to style it with something tight on top. That way you give structure to your body shape, you make your waist look smaller. I love that trend I've seen on Instagram, where bloggers are wearing skater skirts with sweaters on top, but it makes me look like a weirdo -not my cup of tea. Do you like it?

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your fur coat in pink. Feel great on you. Fabulous look. keep in touch

  2. Beautiful look!


  3. Love the coat!! It looks so cuddly and cozy!! That skirt looks amazing on you!

  4. The print on your skirt is so fancy!

    xoxo, ♥