diy black white tumblr room decor

I've always had an interest in DIYs. They're creative, fun to do, and it's great knowing that you made it. There are plenty of things in my room that are DIY, so I thought why not sharing them with you guys? 

Frames. Gimme a frame and I'll love you forever. They're able to transform the aesthetic of a room, especially if they're in black and white. As you can see, I went for an "inspirational/fashion quotes" theme. I actually painted them myself on white paper with a black marker, but if you think it's going to turn into a mess, maybe try printing them. Or you can decorate them with pages from a magazine, ask a friend of yours to draw something. Print a quote you find very inspiring, if you wanna keep yourself focused to your goals.

diy frames wall tumblr

diy fashion frames wall

My office space, is plain, minimal, black. I don't like having too many things around, it makes me nervous. The desk used to be beige, but you can change it with stickers. There are gorgeous designs to choose from, I personally love marble stickers, you can see a "How To" in this video. Not that I think about it, I might change the black sticker into a marble one, as white opens up the space, it makes the room look bigger. Plus, it looks amazing!

I painted the lamp with a black matte spray, and I stuck nail crystals on it, to give it a bit of a glam. It sounds time consuming, but it wasn't. I saw a DIY phone stand by a CD case, once. All you have to do, is flip the cd case on the opposite way and boom, you got yourself a phone stand. I covered it with some fabric, and I then I glued a shorter piece of fabric over it, just to put the phone inside. You can see what I mean in the picture below. I glued the same fabric to a white candle, just to match them.

black white office decor

diy fashion room decor

Who doesn't love birthday cakes? They're not just yummy, they're useful as well. Take the stand of the cake at the bottom, and use it to store nicely whatever you want. I decorated some of my perfumes and things I wear all the time like my sunnies or my watch.  

gold diy room decor

If you have a plain wall and can't think of anything nice to do with it, here's an idea! All you need is a magazine and duct tape. Create different shapes with the tape and decorate your wall with whatever you find interesting. I love black and white fashion related photos, so that was my theme. I'm planning on painting with a tiny brush the "Vogue" sign but I'm not quite sure yet.

diy fashion wall frames decor

Wanna give a twist to a boring jewelry box? Paint it black -or whatever color you want. Then break a CD -be careful though. Stick the CD pieces on the box, and voila!

diy room decor black white

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