Hi loves! I hope you're having a lovely weekend! A couple of days ago I received these cute handmade bracelets from Secret Stories. They're beautifully made, and I can finally wear bracelets that don't fall off my hands all the time (my wrists are petite), as they come in three sizes.

You may choose either a set or you can buy them separately to create your own combinations -they're very affordable. I'm in love with the gold details, and I'd like to mention it's gold plated, hypoallergenic wire. The crystals are so glamorous and shiny, you can actually see in the pictures how they reflect the light! 

I prefer not to wear them all together, because you're not able to appreciate each one of them. So, I'm wearing two bracelets at a time, it's more delicate and minimalistic. I'm obsessed with the black and the flower one, they look perfect together and it's right up my style.

The shipping was really fast, I got them in three or four days -but I live in Greece so if you're living abroad it's going to take a few days more to arrive. Plus, how cute the packaging is? I kept it to store the bracelets in there, and it looks so nice in my room. See the whole collection on Secret Stories. Which one is your favourite?

Thanks to Antonia from Secret Stories who was kind enough to send me these bracelets!

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