Hey loves! I've been wanting to write this post for way too long. I was kind of afraid that some of you may find it sarcastic, but you know what? I'm extremely sarcastic in my everyday life, so why should I keep this out of my blog? And here it is, the trends that I really can't stand anymore, and I hope they will eventually die. Die hard. Kiss me hard before you go. Wait, what?

Extremely ugly shoes

trends that need to die ugly shoes 2015

Why, my sweet mother of Vogue would someone design something like that? Seriously, why? Does he hate people? On the other hand, how is it possible for a person to wear such hideous pair of shoes? I really do love a chunky shoe, but there's a difference between chunky and Chucky the doll. I swear I've seen so many bloggers wearing a killer outfit and when you look down.. boom! My eyes, I can't see, my eyes! Not even Frankenstein could pull off something like that.

Fast Food Fashion

trends that need to die moschino mcdonalds

I'm looking at you, Moschino. When I firstly saw the McDonald's bag I thought it was clever, fun and catchy. But then, it was just a chaos full of calories. Bags, dresses, sweaters, pants. They even made a phone case that looks like fries. Like "Girl, my phone is always in my hands. Why would I even consider having fries in my hands all day long? You're making me hungry and I can't even eat the freaking case".

Leggings as pants

trends that need to die leggings

It's so common that I don't even notice it anymore. Just kidding, of course I do. Let me tell you something. Leggings don't have the enough amount of fabric to cover fully your body, which means that when it stretches while you're moving... I can see your underwear, your cellulite, I can see your soul. The only kind of leggings that could work as pants, are the leather ones, because they're thick. Other than that, just please, don't. For your underwear's sake. 

#I woke up like this

trends that need to die 2015

Guuurl, who you tryna fool? Posting a selfie on Instagram with full face makeup and the #Iwokeuplikethis hashtag, is like I'm trying to convince you I'm Beyonce. Do you believe me? Hell-to-the-no! If I'm going to spend and hour for my makeup, I would want the whole world to know it. You know that you didn't wake up with flawless foundation, concealer, falses, eyeliner, eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, lipstick. You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it. 

Huge lips

trends that need to die big lips

I'm totally guilty of this, I love overdrawing my lips a tiny bit. But, I'd never suck a weird thing for 5 minutes till my lips are insanely bruised, just to trick people into thinking I'm Kylie Jenner for three hours. Don't get me wrong, she's stunning and her lips are amazing. However, don't let celebrities or society telling you that you "have" to have big lips. It's not necessary to get lip fillers (I got nothing against it though). Thin lips are gorgeous and very elegant. 

This weird hairstyle

trends that need to die man bun

It doesn't make any sense. It's kind of a rockabily haircut, kind of a bun, kind of annoying. It could only work if you have the most insane bone structure. Other than that, just no.


trends that need to die squats

This kind of photos is why I'm a feminist. Internet is full of sexist photos with even more sexist quotes, and the most annoying part is when I see girls posting this kind of pics. Like, "girl, squat for yourself, for your confidence, for your body, not for your boyfriend". And what is this new trend with big butts? A few years ago, it was all about the big boobs. Now this. No. Just NO. There is no man or society that could tell me what my freaking body should look like. 

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  1. Amen girlfriend! This post speaks to me! I really don't like the fast food fashion either, at least that style. I have never seen that hair before. And I HATE those posts too. I like the ones where it says. "Who are you getting dressed up for?" Myself that's who! Haha the Kylie Jenner thing though , girls were hurting themselves bad for bigger lips. Why?

    1. Oh my! I'm sooo happy there are people out there who agree with these things haha
      The "Kylie lips" trend, is so annoying, because it last for just a couple of hours, so why bother anyway? :P Thank you for your (as always) lovely comment Stephanie ♥

  2. I respect you even more for this, such a great funny post! And I hate those f*ckin fast food clothes, it's beyond kitschy! D:


    1. Hahaha Why thank you girl! Agree, they're ugly, but when you mention it, people say: "It's Moschino". Uuhm, yea, it's ugly Moschino :P xx

  3. Yes please! I totally agree with everything written :D


  4. Extremely ugly shoes should never have been a thing to begin with :)

    xoxo, ♥

  5. Just love this post =) this is all so true! I am so tired of those Kylie jenner lips and those squads photos. Enough is enough!
    Do you wanna follow each other? I follow right back, just let me know! I hope you like my blog...;)