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Why hello there loves! Recently -and by recently I mean two days ago- I decided to change the aesthetic of my Instagram, because I got bored of it. I always thought filters were making outfit photos worse, but then I actually tried it and... yeap.. as you can see I kind of love it! 


1:13 AM

Hey loves! I've been wanting to write this post for way too long. I was kind of afraid that some of you may find it sarcastic, but you know what? I'm extremely sarcastic in my everyday life, so why should I keep this out of my blog? And here it is, the trends that I really can't stand anymore, and I hope they will eventually die. Die hard. Kiss me hard before you go. Wait, what?


1:47 AM

We've all been in a "I don't wanna wear a statement outfit" mood. Here is a list of my favourite minimal, comfy, yet stylish items that will keep you fashionable in an effortless way. Yeap, black is my inspo. Can't you tell?


5:37 PM

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Hello everybody! Just wanted to write a quick post, to let you know my newest online addiction ..*drums*.. Dressed-To-Kill! I'm sure if you're a fashionista you're going to love this website. It's like, mecca for fashion..sounds promising, and trust me, it really is!

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12:34 AM

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Hello loves! How's your week? Are you getting the Christmas vibes already? As you can see, in Greece we can still wear mini dresses and go to the beach -without the beach part. Thank Buddha for these over the knee boots -they have been keeping me warm this season.


12:29 AM

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Hey loves! It's been a long since my last outfit -oopsy doopsy. There's a lot going on lately, my uni definitely needs a huge amount of time with the classes and the projects that never end, ugh. But that's actually cool, it means you learn stuff -so yaaas!