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autumn staples 2015

Hi guys! Autumn is my favourite season 'cause you get to wear all the cool blazers, capes, cardigans without freezing. This season there are a few trends that really caught my eye, so I thought "why not share them with my loves"? And here I am, writing about the five autumn must-haves in the most affordable prices. 

The Suede Skirt

suede skirt outfits

This suede skirt is seriously everything and every single blogger has been wearing it. The way Sarah Ashcroft styled it is amazing, minimal, sexy, chic, and actually pretty wearable from day to night. I found it on Shein for just $14.76. 

The Lace Up Top

grey lace up top outfits

The lace up top is probably the hottest trend of this year, it's sexy, it's feminine and most importantly it's everywhere. Maybe one of the easiest ways to catch everyone's eyes. And who doesn't love a bit of attention? I found here it for $13.99. 

cape outfit ideas

Basically it's the scarf who dreamed about becoming a cape and it did. That would have been a cool fairy tale. But this kind of capes -that look like poncho- are one of the most stylish trends of 2015. It makes you look effortless chic, it keeps you warm, it brings you coffee at bed. For $23.69 on Shein, it won't leave you broke either.

knee high boots outfits

If you wore something like that 10 years ago, people would assume you're a stripper. Now, society is more open-minded  regarding to over the knee boots, and people seem to like them. Bloggers love them. I adore them. What about you? 

sequin skirt outfits

October is almost over. And we're all in that time of the year where we have to answer the biggest question: What am I going to wear on New Year's Eve? You get the feeling, girl. So here's my thoughts: Christmas tree - Green | Lights - Sequins | Party - Skirt. What we've got here is probably the best outfit for your party -a green sequined pencil skirt. Yeap, we did it! Not to mention it's just for $15.99. 

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  1. Like these clothes, especially the first skirt :)

    1. It's so chic, indeed! Glad you liked it :)

  2. Love the suede skirt - we have yet to get our hands on one!
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

    1. It's my favourite too xx As always, I love reading your blog ♥

  3. Amazing! I especially like the cape and boots. The higher, the better, yes! ;)

    1. Haha So true! High boots make us look so tall xx

  4. Dying to find the perfect suede skirt, they are so pretty! xxxxx

  5. I love the cape^_^xoxo

  6. Amazing clothes! :)
    I like the Suede Skirt and the over knee boots.
    xx, Anna Lea

  7. Hello!
    The boots do you like best, good post!
    I'll follow, GFC, facebook, Youtube called Judy.
    Let me know if you follow me back. Thank you, Judy

  8. I love the suede skirt! And I adore OTK boots. They are my favorite. Just so stylish. Great picks!

  9. I love the suede skirt. Kisses!

  10. Amazing post. Well done! Keep going

    Please check my last post blog
    Many kisses
    Lady Fur

  11. I totally enjoyed this post! Have a nice weekend! :)