12:01 AM

faux fur outfit ideas

I've been literally obsessed with faux fur coats. Literally! It's all I've been googling for the past few days. So I thought "Hey, let's share this crazy fur-stalking vibe with whoever is reading this blog" By the way "Hey you, gorgeous reader". And, there you go! My favourite style inspiration, all the pretty ladies with the even prettier fur coats. 


4:30 AM

printed dress outfits

Hello loves! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I know I've always been saying I'm all about minimalism, but as soon as I saw this printed T-shirt dress I had to own it. There's so much going on in this dress, and that's what I love about it. It's different, it's eye-catching, it's everything.


3:01 PM

autumn staples 2015

Hi guys! Autumn is my favourite season 'cause you get to wear all the cool blazers, capes, cardigans without freezing. This season there are a few trends that really caught my eye, so I thought "why not share them with my loves"? And here I am, writing about the five autumn must-haves in the most affordable prices. 


2:03 PM

red coat outfits

Hey loves! I'm back with another outfit. Red is one of the best colors, it looks amazing on every skin tone. But shirts and blouses seem like too basic to me. That's why I'm all in when it comes to investing on a stylish coat. Not only you get to wear it for years, but also you look like you've put a lot of thought in your outfit -even if you didn't. Blue jeans, white shirt -hey, dear Lana you've forgotten about the red coat.


12:42 AM

Hello my loves! It's pretty obvious I'm a huge fan of sunglasses. It's the easiest solution when you're not wearing your makeup on, when you want to instantly look stylish, when you want to avoid awkward eye contact with strangers (story of my life). It's pretty hard finding a pair that suits you, especially when you have the smallest face in the world -like me. You know the struggle, girl. Thank Buddha for Giant Vintage, they have so many sunnies with small proportions.


3:21 PM

winter outfit ideas

Hi loves! Just a quick post before I head back to my uni. Feeling quite comfy today, so my new cardigan was a nice option. I love the geometric shapes and the color block. I didn't want to overdress, it's probably an outfit you could wear at school or college. 


6:12 PM

total black outfits

Hi guys! Finally the weekend is here. It's been a tough week, since I got back to my uni. There are way too many projects I have to work on this semester, but what can you do? Anyways, let's talk fashion. It's not a secret that I love mixing together different textures. This time I went for a total black outfit, combining leather, knit and faux fur.


8:31 PM

fur outfit ideas

Hey loves! It seems like faux fur is the must-have of this season and I couldn't be more excited. Fur coats are like tattoos, you can't just have one. You gotta buy every fur in this world. It's a natural need, like drinking water. Well, sorta. Once you wear it, you never go back. It's not that it keeps you warm -even though I feel like wearing a radiator. It's that it makes you feel glamorous. And who doesn't love a bit of glam?


10:15 PM

bohemian outfits pinterest

Most people get angry when summer ends. Because it's the end of holidays, the end of careless walks on the beach, the end of not caring about things. The ocean gets colder, people get colder, less cheerful, more anxious. It's like we've paused our routine for a few weeks, but at some point we have to press "play" again, and do all the things we kind of hate.