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Hi dolls! I've been a lot into red lately. Not that burgundy undertone that it's way too common during autumn. No. The bright, full of happy and sexy vibes red. I don't know why, but I don't see many women wearing this color. Is it because it's eye-catching? 
I've been looking for an oversized, red, turtle neck pullover everywhere, and still nothing. Ugh, where are you my love? Why is it so hard finding what we want? Why do we always want things we don't have? Is it because we truly want them or because we've been forced to want them by someone else? Who is this "someone else" and why do we need "his" acceptance?  Why am I asking these questions? What was I talking about? Red. Oh yeah. Red is for rebellious. 
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 Vest Coat HERE | Sunglasses HERE

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