how to clear skin fast

It's not that hard to achieve the perfect skin we admire at the magazines. All you need is Photoshop! Alright, I'm kidding, but there are a few tips that could make our skin flawless, really fast. 

#1 Use sun protection every day, all year long.

#2 Say goodbye to your cigarettes.

#3 Drink at least 10 glasses of water.

#4 Get rid of the products that cause irritation to your skin.

#5 Avoid overconsumption of alcohol—when we say “cocktail of antioxidants,” we don’t mean “drink more wine!”

#6 Use products appropriate for your skin type. For example, creams for dry skin, lotions for normal skin, and gels or liquids for oily skin.

#7 Use a well-formulated exfoliant - AHA (glycolic or lactic acid) or BHA (salicylic acid) - to reduce wrinkles, blackheads, and breakouts (not a scrub or cleansing grains).

#8 Always, always, ALWAYS remove your makeup when you get home -or at least before you go to sleep- and wash your face twice to make sure it's totally clear. Makeup will cause blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, and then you'll wear even more makeup to cover these up. You get the point!

#9 I found out that washing my face with bar shoap is actually much more effective and gentle to my skin than cleansing, and it doesn't cause any irritation. 

#10 Exercise your face muscles! Yeap, that's a thing. Here is a helpful video.

#11 Massage your face every day, even if it's just for 2 minutes. This will not only reduce the wrinkles, but it will also fade any ance scars or blemishes, because of the blood stimulation. Plus, it makes your face slimmer -and it's true, I have noticed a huge difference on mine. You can take a look at this video.

#12 Don't touch your face! Seriously, it's so bad for your skin because -all the bacteria that are on your hands -especially while you're on your computer/laptop- transfer to your face and cause pimples.

#13 One of the most important things. Change your pillow case every second day! All the dust, the hair products, even leftovers from your makeup are on your pillow case. You don't want your face to touch all these nasty things for 8 hours. 

#14 Honey boo! Honey is one of the best masks for every skin type. Just apply it on your face and sit like that for us much as you can. It reduces acne very fast and it leaves your skin so soft, you'll be impressed!

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  1. Nice tips dear <3
    i always touch my face and I will learn to avoid number 12.
    Thanks for share :D

  2. That face exercise video is killer!

    xoxo, ♥

    1. Haha It really made me laugh, but I saw a huge difference a couple of weeks after I started ;)

  3. Thanks for your helpful tips dear! ^-^

  4. Great tips!:)

  5. Awesome tips for great skin! that face massage tutorial was fantastic.

  6. I already follow most of those, but I'm so lazy that my pillowcases get changed every few weeks (*grimaces*) and I can't stop myself from touching my face :/ I really need to work on that.

  7. Great post with some great tips! I'm so lazy when it get to take care of my skin, so these are great to have in mind next time!

  8. Interesting tips kiss

  9. Awesome tips and tricks! I love it!

  10. pefect tips;)xoxo

  11. WOW!! Amazing tips!

  12. Really nice tips!

  13. Great tips Veni!! Wonderful post!

  14. great tips! first time hearing about exercising your face muscles
    would you like to follow each other ^^

  15. Great tips!!;))

  16. I wrote about how rosacea has changed my beauty routine today, and this post is really helpful. The amount of products that can harm our skin is impressive, but also, the misinformation about this subjects is a big danger. You just provided all of your readers a great post about how to take care of their skin and I think this is worth sharing :)

    Natalia | Lindifique

  17. Great tips I'll definitely bookmark this!

    The Flower Duet

  18. thankyou for stopping by! I really loveee your blog appearance!!! Your taste are more than good!
    followed you back pretty! xx

    greeting from Indonesia,

  19. Great tips, sweetie! Some of them I ready try to stick to, like for instance removing your makeup at the end of the day. But sometimes I'm so tired I just fall asleep and next morning mascara hanging on my cheeks. LOL
    Thank you so much for sharing and taking time to visit my blog!
    I already follow you on GFC, feel free to follow back!

    Happy Wednesday

  20. Great tips! I love honey masks, they're amazing for the skin :)

  21. Really important!))

  22. I use cosmetics from Norgena and this is really helpfull for my skin!
    You're blog is great! :D

    Versjada (KILK)

  23. You gave amazing tips, especially to remember about removing the makeup, it's so important :)

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  25. Yes, I love it! | personal style journal


  26. Great tips! I was looking for some good natural beauty tips that are toxic free and this blog has helped me to find some
    health and beauty blogs . Thanks for sharing!