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Plaid Blouse  HERE

Going on vacation is supposed to be fun, but there's always this huge question: What clothes should I take with me? Well, I found for you these perfect and affordable outfits for your summer vacation. Because we all want to look super glamorous and stylish that time of the year!

What: As you can see at the first flatlay, a blouse is a must. It's very comfy and chic, as well as breathable -something we should consider during summer.
How to style: It would look great with white jeans, so summery! But you can also wear a pair of shorts and flat sandals. Make a messy hair but, and you're done!
summer outfit ideas pinterest
Chiffon Vest $12,17HERE 

What: Chiffon should probably be your favourite fabric during warm summer months. Not only it makes you feel like you're wearing nothing, but it also looks very elegant.
How to style: With a pair of jeans/shorts, or with cigarette pants. Sandals, sneakers, flats or heels, you can style however you want and it'd still look fab!

summer outfit ideas
Monroe Print Blouse $18,17 | HERE

What: Another blouse, but this time, a statement one! Who doesn't love Monroe? 
How to style: You can totally create an urban outfit with golden accessories and a cap. It's something Rihanna would wear. If you're going for a chic outfit, then try on a pair of heels and you're done.

white flatlay
Geometric Print Romper $13,33 | HERE

What: Rompers are must! They are comfortable, sexy and stylish. This white one with the geometric print would be perfect not only for a night out, but also for a walk at the afternoon.
How to style: With sandals in the morning and heels at night. A denim jacket would make it even more stylish. Avoid any accessories, because the pattern is already splendid.

white flatlay summer outfit ideas
Chiffon Coat $22,00 | HERE

What: My favourite one, it's the most elegant and stylish outfit. The chiffon coat is something you should consider buying, because you'll wear it not only at summer but during winter as well, and it really makes the outfit look put together.
How to style: There are plenty of ways to style this.  I suggest a pair of high waisted mom jeans, sandals or white sneakers, a white crop top and of course a turban, it's so cosmopolitan!

white flatlay summer outifts
Striped Jumpsuit $15,00 | HERE

What: A cute jumpsuit is appropriate for every occassion.
How to style: In the morning I suggest sandals, sunnies, a leather backpack and a hair bun. At night, you can wear heels -maybe in a bright colour- a statement necklace and a clutch.

red plaid outfit ideas
Plaid Tank Dress $13,33 | HERE

What: We all love red plaid. It's really eye-catchy and it never gets old.
How to style: If you're going for a swaggy outfit, get inspired by the picture above. If you want something more classy, try on a pair of black heels, a clutch, red lipstick, and curly hairstyle. 
Click on the images or the links down below to see the clothes from Romwe
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  1. Very gerat summer looks :D


  2. wow what an awesome looks!!! It inspire me a lot and the clothes are so cool =) I like your post, they are diferent and you blog is very stylish. I already follow you, I hope you follow me back and keep in touch ^_^
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  3. Lovely choices!
    The striped jumpsuit looks so cute!<3<3


  4. Absolutely in love with your style, I want ALL of these pieces! xxxxx

  5. Really nice picks :) I would love to get the whole 2nd outfit :)

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  7. Love all of these outfits! :)
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  8. I need to get some stuff together ready for my holidays! I ADORE rompers and also the chiffon coat looks super classy and pretty! You have great style, I'm loving it! x

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  10. Nice looks!

  11. I really like the first one :) also the n.4 playsuit!

    Kisses || _Aishettina_

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  19. All the outfits look great! :)


  20. I'd overheat in the first look

    xoxo, ♥

  21. I am absolutely LOVING all these looks! The Monroe print shirt and the striped romper are way too edgy, and your accessorising is on point! I love going for gold jewelry for all black looks. Defo stylish for the summer!

    May • THE MAYDEN

  22. Awesome! I would love to wear the first and fourth look! :D

    xxx Linsey from

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  23. Sunnies, hat and jewelry and I'm good to go :) Amazing styling combinations- all very chic and cool :) xx Maja

  24. Beautiful outfits,I love of them.

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  30. Really like all of the picks, sometimes it is really hard to find an outfit which is perfect for the hot weather, and that looks stylish at the same time!

  31. Great Outfits, you really have a great taste and style :)

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