Oh dear, I remember the day I decided to start this blog. Man, was I excited. But then reality happened, and the world is here to remind you that your dream is not how you thought it would be.

Expectation: I'm gonna be an HTML guru.

Reality:Haha. Not. It's more possible you're gonna freak out while not understanding a thing, spending an enormous amount of time googling how to make your blog as cutest as possible without using an already existing template -because let's face it, you're stubborn and too proud for this sh*t. Of course, you'll end up going to your uni with two hours sleep for the next semester, because your CSS is simply not helping at all. Pretty cool, huh?

Expectation: I'm gonna be famous and powerful.

Reality: Oh, my poor child. Since you start your blog and for the next three months there will be only twenty people reading you -you guessed right, your friends. After these hard first months you'll gain a decent readership, but you're going to learn that it's a long way to the top, not only if you wanna rock n' roll. All these famous bloggers that we love and admire, have been blogging for many years and been really devoted to this. You're not going to be the next Chiara Ferragni overnight. Success is the sum of small efforts. Repeated. Every day. For years.

Expectation: I'm going to make so many blogger friends.

Reality: Well, it's not impossible. But still, if we want to keep things real and honest, at the end of the day you'll find out that most of your readers are other bloggers who just want to promote their own blog in the comments of your posts. So, yeah. Say goodbye to that dream as well. However, it's something that could happen -never happened to me though- and I really believe that it would be pretty awesome.

Expectation: I'll always have time for blogging.

Reality: You really are a dreamer, aren't you? Let's be honest. Blogging is not your whole life. You've got a lot of things going on and you have to find time for all of them. Being a blogger is so time-consuming, considering that a single blog post needs about three to four hours to be done. Spending so many hours on learning about HTML and SEO, finding the right outfits, taking the pictures, editing, writing, communicating with other bloggers. Oh.My.Buddha. I have a headache. All day long. (But I secretly love it.)

Expectation: I'm going to get tons of free clothes.

Reality: Oh no, you did not just even consider that. Being a fashion blogger does not in any way means that companies will spoil you like that. If you start a blog keeping that in mind, then simply don't do it at all. Start a blog because you love blogging as it is. Not as it could get in a few years. As I mentioned before, you have to work really hard your way to the top. Having this kind of expectation will make blogging amazingly anxious and even disappointing -if you won't be able to succeed this goal soon. Be happy, keep blogging and the companies will eventually come naturally when you and your blog are ready.

Expectation: I'm going to be stylish all day long.

Reality: Guuurl, you know that once you'll take all the photos needed for your posts, you're gonna take that makeup off, slip into your pyjamas, tie your hair into the messiest bun in the history of buns, and spend the rest of your day cursing while you're doing the editing. You know it!

To sum up, let me tell you something. Would I do this all over again? Abso-f*cking-lutely! 

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  1. Do have to agree with you, expectation and reality in blogging is very diff... Great post !


  2. That's all true)) I agree with every word you say))

  3. Really funny post :D
    I agree with every point, especially the last one!!!

    xoxo, Colli

  4. Much of this is quite true though after 5 years blogging I have started to make blogger friends, so its not impossible!

    I still hate HTML though!


  5. I laughed so hard at this post! Everything you said is so incredibly true haha. Also who has time to be stylish all day every day, aint nobody got time for that, messy buns and PJs all the way! xxxxxx


  6. Great post kiss


  7. Haha "I'm going to be stylish all day long". Not at all :)

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  8. Love the post, this is so real, being a blogger is really time consuming, it took me 3 days to set up my template, and when my classes starts I'll be so preoccupied with school stuff I won't have time to blog, and I only take good pictures of my outfit but I usually only wear casual clothes but I'm trying to be stylish in public little by little <3

    Followed you back on GFC
    Capturing Life Memoirs | http://aimeebustillo.blogspot.com

  9. great post! i agree with you:)


  10. Here's a blogger who leaves you a comment to tell you that she loves your writing style: concise and with a drop of self deprecating humour. Loved reading this post!

  11. Your post is amazing! It reflects my situations ;-)
    ciao gloria


  12. I am agree with you;)


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    ótima postagem.
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  14. I'm glad I was able to check out your blog from your follow so Thank you for that!!
    This post is so true ahah basically the minds of fresh new bloggers aha
    but I'm willing to be friends! C:
    All in all continue trying hard for great posts!


  15. Haha, that is a really great article! Well done! :D


    Fashion PARIS

  16. This is so true! Way too many people have a completely wrong view of the blogging world! New follower! x

    First of the holiday series over at-
    hailandharmony.blogspot.ie // BLOGLOVIN

  17. This post couldn't be any more true! So very very true! Hahahaha love it. That part about the pjs I cracked me up!

  18. I def love all your HONEST comments! <3
    & yes we def can be friends! x


  19. This is so true! It's hard sometimes to realie it's not going to be what we expected, what when you realize that you already love your blog more than anything else!
    Great post!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  20. Hahaha so true! I loved you post :)


  21. very interesting and the truth

  22. Love this! This is all so true even for me as a creative blogger (minus the free clothes part!)

    Sophie | www.dreamsandcolourschemes.com

  23. So on point! hahha,
    I absolutely can relate to all of it, and some of it still in my dream though :P


  24. This cracked me up and is very true, especially about self promoting bloggers! I often get "gorgeous post dear, visit blank for blank" on my most gory sfx makeups, ripped nose on fleek, haha!

  25. Too true! So the advice is to just take it easy and enjoy it as a hobby.


  26. I really love reading trough your posts and I mean it;) (not just for promoting my own blog) I just started mine and therefore I like to get inspired by others 😍 I agree with you as well and I love to write my stories even when only one person reads it. Better than nobody right?;)
    So keep going on - xxx


  27. Lol i laungh, it's so truee :D


  28. Excellent post, especially in regards to the hours it takes to post something that is original and well done. I've been doing this for a couple months, a semi-noobie lets say, do you know of any ways that helped with productivity. i.e. any software or apps that you would share that helped you along the way. Thank you for sharing all of this.


  29. The realest post ever! Needed this reminder. Lol


  30. We can be friends and I am a blogger :) no need for advertising my blog. As for Instagram follow then unfollow pile of silliness!! Fed up of that Haha Great post!! xx