Hello people! Just a quick update to ensure you guys I'm still alive. I've been listening to Britney's old songs -ugh, good times- and I wanted to create a wearable version of Baby one more time. A black skirt would turn the outfit into a school uniform, so I went for something a bit different than that.

I found this skirt I have no idea where it's from -so I'll call it vintage- and I tried a white shirt on. I was exactly like Sailor Venus-which I adore to death- so that was a "no". The skirt has a little bit grey in it, so a grey sweater was a good option to make the yellow less bright, and the whole outfit more wearable. I wouldn't wear heels because it's too short, but hey, wear whatever makes you happy! 

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spring outfit ideas

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Sweater HERE | Skirt Vintage | Sneakers HERE | Earrings HERE
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  1. Hahaha I love it your outfit vibes Britney
    I love your blog and your outfit <3

    Kisses pretty girl

  2. you can really rock those high waisted shorts

    xoxo, ♥

  3. That skirt remind me to Clueless, but you look like Britney too ^^