Hello everybody! Today's outfit is something that, I personally, believe is a "must have": The bright dress. I mean, yes alright, the little black dress is always an option, but most of the times it's just a plain, safe outfit. A dress in a bright colour on the other hand, is an outfit that turns heads.

I know you may think that it's something you 'd love to buy, but you don't have any special occassion to wear a dress like that. Oh come on, it doesn't look too good, you can totally wear it to a night out or to a dinner. Plus, I've created three completely different outfits with that one dress, that you could wear them even at you uni. I'll make sure to post them within this week.

Now let me tell you something that pisses me off. The fact that most people don't dress up on a daily routine, doesn't mean that you should do it too. If you feel like it, wear that dress wherever you want (maybe without the heels), and let them people stare at you thinking "that's too much". Well, you know something? I don't give a damn about you going out looking like crap, so don't give a damn about me looking like a natty person. I never understood why people automatically think it's acceptable if you look neglected, but they tend to criticize you if you look stylish. Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak. If you wanna be a scruffy person it's totally fine by me, but that doesn't make it okay for you to make fun of others who actually want to look dapper. So get that fab dress out of your wardrobe, and have the confidence to show everyone the person you hide inside you. Because that person is SO.DAMN.FINE.

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  1. Such a nice bodycon dress

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  2. Gorgeous dress, love tha pattern!