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long skirt baggy sweater

When it comes to style, you always gotta keep it simple. If you' ll overdo it, then the result is not going to look good. We all know that even the most simple outfit, can transform into something really amazing, with just a few accessories or a cute hairstyle. And you know what else? You don't have to own a million clothes in order to be stylish. With a little imagination you can create several outfits, with the same clothes. 

I wore the same skirt to achieve a grunge-ish look, and a boho outfit. Now I went for something more loose, sporty and -let's admit it- way more comfortable! Lots of us, when we 're going for shopping, we style an outfit (on our mind) with the clothes we already have, and then we wear the look only in that way! But don't forget there are so many ways to wear something. 

Recreate your own clothes to adjust them in the trends of the season, style them in different ways, try more and more combinations, don't be the same person every single day! It's so much fun to be the grunge girl one day, the chic girl the other day etc. Experiment on what style is better for your body, your personality, yourself! Don't let fashion to tell you that the more clothes you own, the more stylish you 'll be!

Sweater: Tally Weijl
Shoes: Nike

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  1. Love that skirt!


  2. You look stunning!

  3. You look gorgeous and sexy!

  4. Wow. I adore that high slitted skirt!

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  5. I really love how you paired up such a feminine outfit with sneakers! <3

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    Loyal to Fashion

  6. You look amazing
    stunning styling dear

    Love Vikee