1. Keep it...naked

how to look skinny

A cropped jean and a bootie that hits below the ankle is perfection. The cut of a bootie can make or break the illusion of longer limbs, so pay close attention to the mouth of your shoe. A nude pair that dips right under the narrowest part of the leg but stays flush to the foot will seamlessly continue the line. (Fun fact: That's why ballerinas look so lanky on stage!)

2. Pret-a-Proportions

how to dress skinny

Several editors recommended oversize pieces in lieu of skin-tight minis and leggings. Think an A-line black skirt with a men's oversize button-down shirt. I always, always choose a loose or oversize top. There’s nothing like a chunky sweater to make your legs look slender in comparison. Evidence above.

3. Cover the shoes

Wide-leg pants paired with platforms can add up to 6" to your legs. Ideally, the pants are wide enough to completely cover the shoe. We cannot stress the importance of keeping the footwear hidden when trying to trick the layman eye.

4. High Tide

how to look skinny taller

There's a reason high-rise cigarette pants are back in style: They are so. damn. flattering. I'm no style savant, but I have short legs (don't judge by my photos guuurls) and a bit longer torso. The only time I feel proportional is when I'm in heels, very high-waisted pants that fit loose-to-baggy through the legs and nip in at the ankles, and a tucked-in top. 

5. Size Up

how to look taller and skinny

In terms of slimming the leg down, I like to pick a pant that’s juuuuust a bit oversized,. It may sounds counterintuitive, but it works. There’s a reason why boyfriend jeans are surprisingly flattering with heels! Indeed.

6. Get Waisted

how to be skinny fast

For longer legs, you have to elongate the waist. I like to wear my jeans as high up as possible...basically a jean and crop top combination. Or, a distressed mom jean and off-the-shoulder cardi. Tomato, tomahto.

7. Heel no!

how to be skinny fast

And, of course, some lucky people have no real use for leg-lengthening logistics. If you have the longest, skinniest legs don't underestimate the juxtaposition between a shorter hemline and longer-than-average flippers. Flatforms also help to make the legs look way longer. They are a bit awkward and clunky, but the heavier sole emphasizes a smaller ankle. Voilà! Skinny! There you have it, folks. 

Xx, Veni

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