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Hello to the most beautiful fashionistas! We're deep into November and summer is way out of sight *finally*. What better time to think about the winter-ish stuff that’s actually pretty grand? Bet you can add 50 more reasons in the comments. And yes, that is a dare.

1. Warm hugs
2. Hot chocolate
3. Visiting a sauna
4. Hot bubble baths
5. Dogs in sweaters
6. Oh, sweaters  ♥
7. Dark lips, here it is
8. Snow days, hopefully
9. Smokey eyes for the win
10. Soups! Man, I love soups
11. Big scarf around your neck
12. Drinking more tea than water
13. Small, cozy, warm coffee shops
14. The perfect blush colour, naturally
15. Vintage capes -you have one, don't you?
16. The sound of rain when you're in your car
17. Wind in your hair -like you just don't care
18. Watching movies all night with a fluffy blanket
19. Wearing the deepest, darkest, muskiest perfumes
20. Watching the colours that milk creates inside coffee
21. Wearing those chic leather gloves that makes you feel like a James Bond's girl
22. Christmas ♥

Jeans: Zara
Coat: Bershka
Sneakers: Nike
Sweater: Pull & Bear
Bag: Topshop (similar) 
Accessories: Accessorize

Thanks a lot for reading! 
xoxo, Veni


  1. i absolutely love winter as well! great list, especially #2, #7 & #22 :)**

  2. Aww warm hugs! That's so cute.

    xoxo, ♥