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What most people do know about Ricki Hall is that he is one of the roughest and best looking chaps in the fashion industry and has taken the social media scene with storm accumulating more than 368,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter alone over the last three years. We put his immense popularity down to his James Dean aura combined with an awesome beard and eyebrows not to mention some serious tattoos. (He has 125 of them.)

ricki hall body tattoo

His modelling career took off after a scout approached him as he was walking out of Topman in Oxford Street. That same day he signed for Nevs Models. Since then, things have moved fast and Ricki is now living in London not far from the people of Just The Design. Yup, this city is the epicenter of the world. The fact that Ricki lives there proves it.

ricki hall body tattoos

One of the reasons why Ricki ended up with a beard was because he got fed up with all the pretty boys of the fashion industry. In his own words: “You can’t get more manly than a hairy man, that wears a musky cologne and smells of dirt, cigarettes and beer.” A viewpoint which is refreshing but in stark contrast to the look and feel of many of the male models around. Pressed on which are his favourite tattoos, he will tell you that he loves his McD Golden Arch, his Mr Men character and Mr Messy. In a more somber mood he may tell you about the coffin tattoo which covers the name of his ex-girlfriend.

ricki hall tattoos beard

 The Stranded Sailors asked him to describe his own style. This is what he had to say: “1950’s new York work wear with a nod towards 1930’s English gentleman and a sprinkle of the 1980’s skin head era.” His other favourite brands include Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, JLSA Icons and Fred Perry. While asked about his own style icons he mentions Johnny Depp, Nick Wooster and Peter Doherty as top of his list. He spends around 15-20 minutes every morning taking care of it all while drinking his coffee with six spoons of sugar. Ok, so having a beard that size is not easy. He thinks that the best outfit for every man, is skinny jeans, white tees, classic Dr Martens or brogues. Follow Ricki on Instagram here.

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