8:37 PM

I could spend hours admiring all the amazing pastel hair colored girls on the internet. It's different, unique and eye-catching. But my experience proves it's not that easy to achieve. If you 're thinking about getting a pastel hair color, you just have to love it. And that, because you're going to spend not only (a lot of) money, but also many hours to keep it vivid. It's harsh for your hair, and painful for your head. But despite that, it's marvelous! 


5:07 PM

You want a little bit of hipster attitude? Then you know galaxy nails is the thing for you! It looks difficult, but -trust me- it's not. All you need is love (duh), but also a sponge, black/blue/purple/white/and a glitter nail polish and it's done in just a couple of minutes! Give it a try by following those simple steps, and let me know how it came out!


9:13 PM

Black hair is so normal for my taste. It's safe, and somehow boring. As an ex-blonde I did lots of thing on my hair. Pastel pink, blue, gray, purple. You know, probably that's why people say "Blondes have more fun", cuz they can experiment with colors. Okay, bleaching is harsh. But lately I've been thinking of gray ombre hairstyle, it's just so unique! Don't you agree?


7:57 PM

My eye turned to Italy as Milan Fashion Week began on Wednesday. With the sun shining, editors, bloggers and fashion mavens rushed back and forth across piazzas, in and out of cabs, to and from shows, donning their chicest shades. Proportion play, billowy separates and knitwear made up the ensembles, while sky-high stilettos and the beloved trainers were still spotted in equal measure. Fashion week is probably the most interesting style inspiration. Let's take a sneak peek!


4:01 PM

lady gaga athens 2014

We 've been waiting for this moment for years, and finally it's was about to become true. Lady Gaga yesterday performed for her greek little monsters, and oh-man it was spectacular! Monsters went crazy when she stepped on stage, and that delirious mood continued for the rest of the show. With 21 songs and 7 stunning outfits, you know it was the show of the decade.


7:56 PM

Why hello there! I've been thinking what my next post should be about, when I found a little treasure in my drawer. About a month ago, I got a gift from my lovely friend George, he knows how to surprise me. It was a Vogue issue from September 1961. A blast from the past! Chic and sophisticated with a touch of sexy yet innocent suspicion.


5:15 PM

Buns appear in many styles and sizes, but most are made with the exact same simple methods. A bun is ideal for making elegant, romantic look for both day and night. The bun is a traditional hairstyle that can be used in a number of ways. No matter if you’re getting ready for a sophisticated evening in town or want a hairstyle to enhance typical Friday, there’s always a variation of the bun that can improve any look. Learn how to make any look with these step-by-step tutorials. Practise, practise, practise!


9:27 PM

london fashion week street style 2014

You know, fashion week is not just an event where designers desplay their collections and the new trends that will overwhelm the world. It's also a chance for every fashionista to dress exactly the way they want without the fear of being mocked. Well, maybe sometimes they will be mocked, but they won't give a damn about it! So let's take a sneak peek at the most interesting outfits of London Fashion Week 2014.


5:22 PM

ricki hall tattoo beard

What most people do know about Ricki Hall is that he is one of the roughest and best looking chaps in the fashion industry and has taken the social media scene with storm accumulating more than 368,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter alone over the last three years. We put his immense popularity down to his James Dean aura combined with an awesome beard and eyebrows not to mention some serious tattoos. (He has 125 of them.)


4:26 PM

plaid shirt outfit ideas

We all adore plaid shirts. They add just a tad of grunge attitude even to the most feminine outfit. You can wear it as a shirt, as a dress or tie it around your waist -which is the trend of the year.